Dispatch Team

Our main goal is to serve you with professionalism. The expertise and courtesy of our distribution team will show you the reliability of our services that have long been the base of our excellent reputation. Want to know our prices, or if a truck is available? Our dispatchers are ready to answer all of your questions!


Our mechanics

The first reason for our success is the professionalism of our team. Mechanics to drivers, support staff, all are real transportation enthusiasts!


Safety is a priority, not a goal. At Transport Alain Giroux, it is a daily commitment. Our mechanics conduct a rigorous and impeccable maintenance of our trucks and other equipment, complying with the standards of the SAAQ program. This allows us to keep our equipment in good working order and at any given time.


Our drivers

Our drivers: your ambassadors. We give you the experience of people chosen for their exceptional qualities of service and professionalism, team players and dynamic employees.


They possess qualities that set them apart from others: competence, punctuality, courtesy, efficiency and discretion. They adapt to all situations and guarantee our excellent reputation in the field of transportation.


Our employees

Experts carry your goods from north to south and from coast to coast, safely and to its right destination. Our employees and representatives have the best transport and logistics’ skills and they all share a common passion: transportation!